This Teaching with Thinking and Technology wiki is designed to document ideas and collect resources for teachers and students who are interested in using the web effectively and smartly.
My aim is to assist in developing a curriculum that meets the academic, social and personal needs of our students.
The major focus of this site is investigating how Web 2.0 applications can be used to promote thinking, sharing, collaborating and communicating between teachers and students.
The sites listed here are but a few of what is on the web. It will hopefully begin a journey of discovery for you.

As I continue on my journey of discovery I find that more and more there is a great need for developing understandings on how to be an effective global and digital citizen. So I am to build a section around the notion of a digital citizen.

For a very comprehensive international site for technology in education go to theInternational Society for Technology in Education- ISTE. ISTE is dedicated to helping educators around the world connect with information, people, and organizations. On this page you will find a variety of tools and resources to help you bring educational technology into the classroom. Don’t miss the links to hundreds of quality partner and vendor resources at the bottom of the page.

Collections of sites already on the web.
There are a number of sites that are already on the web that collect links to Web 2.0 applications. Some are not directly related to education. With a little imagination and ideas from yourself or others they can be a great start to your journey.

The following are the links to the pages in this wiki with an explanation of the types of resources you will find under each heading.
Using Blogs in education - lots of examples of how teachers and student are using blogs as a reflective and collaborative teaching and learning tool.
Using Wikis in education -examples of wikis & how they are used as a collaboration & communication tool with classes all over the world.
Social Networks- check out the ways that teachers are building online spaces for groups of students to share with each other.
Using Audio-Visual in education - examples of how to create, upload, host and share audio visual presentations in the classroom.
Podcasts in Education- find podcasts created for teachers by teachers, created for students by teachers and created by students for the world.
Promoting Thinking in the Classroom - examples of online mapping, thinking and organisational tools that promote higher order thinking and metacognition.
Organisational tools for Teachers - tools that can be used by teachers and schools to organise and manage the wealth of ideas and information that are available on the internet.
Using an Interactive Whiteboard - links and resources for teachers who are using Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom
Digital Portfolios - articles and examples of digital portfolios. Particularly portfolios that are created on the internet.
Internet Safety- Links and ideas around how to ensure that students are safe when they are interacting online.

Although not specifically related to Web 2.0 applications I have also created pages for online resources for teachers and students.
Online Resources for Students
Online Resources for Teachers
Wiki-Sitemap- map of this wiki

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The Author of this wiki is Anne Baird who is Innovation and eLearning Manager-1-to-1 and Ultranet Projects in the Loddon Mallee Region in Victoria, Australia.