This page is shortly going to be written by students at Wedderburn College as part of their unit of work on Web 2.0 applications.

Students in Year 8 at Wedderburn College are currently participating in an online project with students from around the world to explore what it means to be a global citizen. The Digiteen project has students working collaboratively together to discover and advise on best ways to manage digital information in a safe, effective and efficient way. This page will reflect some of the work they are doing and also other sites and activities that I have come across as I research and learn more about this essential topic.

Dr Christies Internet Safety site: Dr Alice Christie has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Language and Literacy from Arizona State University. The site has several major sections. It is a comprehensive resource for educators wishing to use technology in their classrooms. It also provides resources for educators on web design, links to her research publications, and a gallery of her photography. Finally, it provides an overview of her consulting services. Including About Dr. Christie Educational Technology Classes Workshops GPS and Geocaching GEOPA Project Searching the Web Web Design Publications Photography
Go to this page for more specific links about internet safety.

Lorna Costantini.manages a blog called Parents as Partners. It is a forum for parents and educators to discuss issues related to parents and schools. Many of the posts that I have read deal with internet safety and management. Parent and educators are invited to contribute to the blog. Lorna also has a collection of videos for teachers and parents to view around a range of topics affecting the way parents and schools can work more effectively together.

Dean Shareski's presentation on Slideshare is a presentation with audio (like a visual podcast) called Going Global, Going Public presents some thoughts about internet safety, digital citizenship. He also discusses the public nature of our digital lives, he dispels some common myths and he discusses the social networking side of the internet.