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Assessing and Reporting Progress Through Student-Led Portfolio Conferences Portfolio conferences offer students, parents, and teachers the opportunity for a sustained and focused conversation about learning. They honor the student as knowledgeable about his/her accomplishments and offer students the chance to set goals to address areas that challenge him/her.

Example of Portfolios:

At Wedderburn College our students in Year 7 & 8 have been trialling the creation of Digital Portfolios. We have decided to use Wikispace wikis as the host for the portfolios. There are a number of reasons for this.
  1. Creating a wiki using wikispaces is easy and doesn't require a great deal of skill in web authoring.
  2. Wikispaces provides a free online space that can be set as private which means that only those who are invited to the space can see it.
  3. Hosting the portfolios on Wikispaces saves the school having to provide server space on the local server.
  4. students are learning how to manage and understand the internet and web2.0
I have created an example portfolio that uses real examples of student work but that protects our students identities.

The wikifolios that we have created at Wedderburn are divided into five sections. On this page we have brainstormed some prompts or ideas that might help the development of each of the sections.
Ideas and Question prompts.

What is a WikiFolio?
A WikiFolio is a digital portfolio by another name.
It's a cross between a wiki and a digital portfolio.
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Creating a wikiFolio requires a lot of planning and creativity in order to make it engaging and appealing and also informative.
How to make your WikiFolio interesting:

Understanding Digital Portfolios workshop

Free ePortfolio Host
We (Steve and Ian) have set up a free ePortfolio host based on Mahara. It does have Google ads, but only when logged out. We are keen for students and staff to try it out so please feel free. It is at
One of the best aspects of ePortfolios is that they belong to the students. They only need to show teachers a 'View' of finished work. What is exciting about a 'View' is students can drag anything into them e.g. a blog, wiki, photos, videos or RSS feeds. ePortfolios are still fairly new in Australia, and administrators are still coming to terms with control issues but we are convinced they have really possitive learning outcomes.