Ideas and Question prompts

These are some prompt questions that you could use to help you to decide what you want to add to your wikifolio. They are not meant for you to go through each section and to answer the questions one by one. They are really there for you to use as idea starters if you need them.

This will start the thinking but you will also need to think about how you might demonstrate the answers to the questions

You have your homepage, your 5 sections and then your subject pages.

Your homepage or frontpage: This is the welcome to your Page:
What have you put on your homepage that would make people want to read your portfolio?
Have you got an image that sums you up? It doesn't have to be of you but has to have some relevance to you, your interests, your community or family.

Being an Individual
What makes you YOU
How are you different to other people?
What are your personal interests?
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Is there something about you that we wouldn't know?

Thinking and Learning
When you are confronted with a problem or a challenge what do you do?
What is something new that you have learned recently? How did you learn it? How can you demonstrate that you have learned it?
Are there things that you know you need to improve upon?
What things do you find challenging at school?
How do you manage those challenges?

Setting and Achieving Goals
What goals have you set yourself for this year at school?
Have you got personal goals that you wish to achieve in your life?
If you have set some goals, have you achieved them? Can you describe how you achieved the goals?

Contributing to the Community
Are there things that you do in the local community that you or your family contribute to?
Part time job
Charity group
You also have the school community to consider. How do you contribute to your school? Are there extra things that you do? Think about the little things as well as the big things.

Working in Teams
You are often asked to work in teams at school. How do you contribute to that teamwork?
What do you notice about good teamwork?
How could you be a better team member?
Do you know someone who is a good team member? What do they do?
Do you play a sport that you could write about?
If you are a part of a sporting team how are you a good member of the team?
Does your family function as a team? How do you contribute to this?