This page provides links and suggestions for teachers in the area of cybersafety. There are also some links to awareness of copyright in schools.
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Check out the Internet safety links and tutorials plus examples of letters to parents regarding online safety.

Internet Safety sites:

This is a page that lists of collection of ideas and sites that discuss the Social, Legal and ethical issues of online learning.

Get Safe Online: Directed towards small business, this site still has some useful advice and a simple yet powerful quiz that students could take to see if they have a good understanding of how they have control over how safe they can be online.

ThinkuKnowis a UK site that has simple tasks and information for children and teenagers, parents and teachers. Unfortunately much of the lesson plans are unavailable to teachers out of the UK but there is still quite a bit that could be used.

NetAlert is an Australian Government site designed to provide information, advice and support to parents and teachers.
They provide practical advice on staying safe online. You can download a free internet content filter.

Cybersmart Kids- Cybersmart Kids Online is a community awareness project developed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) with the objective of providing parents and children with information and tools to help them have a rewarding, productive and safe experience of the internet.
digizens is a UK sitethat recognises the importance of digital citizenship. It offers support to teachers and students as well as parents to help young people recognise the importance of managing their online persona. there are sections on cyberbullying and social networking.

BBC- Webwise- Online Safety This section is part of an online Internet introduction course. This is a simple online tutorial that you could take students or parents through.

An **online safety wiki** created by students of Vicki Davis (CoolCatTeacher)

CyberBullying - Bullying Awareness week is November 18-24th Nov 2007.

Child Net: From the site: Welcome to Childnet International, a non-profit organisation working with others to “help make the Internet a great and safe place for children”. Features teacher resources and online video.
This website gives news and background to Childnet’s work and serves as a portal to Childnet’s award-winning projects.

Netsmartz - There are areas for parents, law-enforcement, kids and teens. The educator section is designed to show educators and administrators how to use NetSmartz interactive materials in their classrooms, accumulate more information about Internet safety and technology, and take steps to bring their classrooms into the 21st century.

Letters for parents:
This is an example of a letter sent home to parents regarding an online project.

Copyright Awareness:
Copyright Aware-
Creative Commons: Licensing your own work. Use this website to guide you in how to license your or your students own work on the internet.

This is a link to the Australian Copyright Council which provides information, advice and training about copyright in Australia. They also produce publications, do research, and make submissions on copyright policy issues.
There is a special section for education and teaching. Here is a clarification on the legality of using Youtube videosin the classroom.

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