This is a page where I will add a list of educators who blog and examples of where teachers are using blogs in the classroom.

I will aim to keep this list of blogs limited to active examples. I think I'm turning into a digital native. It all has to be immediate and very active before I will return.


Primary Classes
In Mrs McNamara's Class Teresa McNamara's wonderful blog with her Grade 5s.
Welcome to the On-line Element of Year 5 2008 where I'll be sharing what goes on in my classroom, our successes, our mistakes and most importantly what we learn from all of these. Please leave a comment if you visit. I am always interested to know who is reading our blog and where they come from.
St Ignatius School Toowong, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Candler and her kids; Technically this is not a blog but it is a great example of online journalling by a teacher and her Grade 4 class.

This a blog created by Sue Wyatt and her Grade 6 class called Technology in our classroom.

SeaStar6 Blog Students in Grades 1 & 2

SarahB's blog- a student in Year 6 who writes about horses.

Moturoa's Weblog- a class of students in Years Four and Five at Moturoa. A great example of the use of VoiceThread as well.

Elementary/Grade One Class- Here is a lovely example of a class of younger students and their teacher, Kathy Cassidy, who are keeping a blog of the happenings in their classroom
A Grade One class in Brisbane keeps this delightful blog about things that are happening in their classroom. They also do lots of other things with Web 2.0 applications to be sure to check them out as well.

Miss Gauley's K, 1, 2 class. Check out some examples of how they are using Bubbleshare to show some of the activities they are doing at their school.

Middle Years and Secondary classes

1001FlatWorldTales is a blog of stories chosen as winning stories from participating schools in the 1001Flatworldwiki.