This page has a list of sites on the internet where you can locate music that students can use to enhance their videos and photo-stories. In most cases the only requirement for use is to credit the composer in the product that is created.
Always check though by reading the terms and conditions and/or contacting the composer or website.

This is a site created by Kevin McLeod who is happy for students to use the music as long as they credit him.

This is a link to the Qld's Department of Education Learning Place. It has links to royalty free music and royalty free images.

This list is one that was sent to the ozteachers mailing list. The list of sites is composed by ?? try on-line repositories.

Animoto has free music and video clip builder for education...great but
students cant use web mail if you want to monitor what they do.

Links embedded in Wikipedia
Freeplay Music allows free educational use. See point 5.(b) (2) in their terms of use. You can search for different styles and "feels"

TinyDad claims .... "Here's a quick roundup of some of the websites where you can find the music that you love for free. The market for these kind of websites is exploding so it's definitely not a complete list but it should give you a good start."

Partners in Rhyme - "We have a huge catalog of royalty free music libraries for you to download and start using right away in your commercial projects."