When you ask questions that frame the thinking and the inquiry of students you can create an atmosphere of wonder.
Questions guide students towards knowledge and ideas that they need in order to answer big questions.
Ask the right questions and you will encourage discussion, research and inquiry.

In our unit of work entitled Mighty Minibeasts we wanted the students to consider the world of minibeasts and to discover the important role that these creatures play in our lives. We wanted to lead them towards deciding whether the world would, could or should survive without minibeasts .

Essential Questsmallback.gif
Are some little things in life as important as big things?

Unit Questions:
How do minibeasts affect our lives?
Is a minibeast really a “mini” “beast”?
How is the food chain important to our understanding of the role of minibeasts in the world?

Content Questions:
What is a minibeast?
What are the characteristics of a minibeast?
What is a food chain?
What is the role of minibeasts in the ecosystem?
What is the best environment for a minibeast?smallback.gif