The following links are examples and resources that are designed to support the use of Interactive whiteboards in the classroom.
If you have Promethean whiteboard, try these links.
Promethean Planet is a site that provides free downloadable flipcharts. There is also a section where practicing teachers share what they have created.
If you have a SmartBoard, try these links
To download the software you will need to use go to this link. There is an expectation that you will only use this software on the SmartBoard.
For SmartBoard teacher resources try here.

Interactive whiteboard websites and wikis:

TechWiki28 is a great wiki with many resources for teachers. This section is specifically for interactive whiteboards.

Interactive whiteboard Lessons
The purpose of this site is to provide podcasts that focuses on using SMART Boards lesson ideas in a classroom to engage students.
  • Intel K-12 Teaching Tools- Provides free tools and resources for educators.
  • Birmingham City Council (BGFL)- Provides a normal and dedicated versions of number of whiteboard resources and activities for foundation, primary and secondary classes.
  • Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard- Interactive whiteboard (also known as digital-whiteboard or electronic-whiteboard) is a touch sensitive-whiteboard which works in conjunction with a projector and a computer. All digital-whiteboards come with a software through which whatever you draw or write on the board-surface can be stored. The projector-displays the contents of the computer screen on the whiteboard-surface. The computer mouse is remotely controlled by touching the whiteboard-surface either by finger or through a special pen known as stylus...

[Source: Interactive whiteboards by interactive education UK]

More free resources for Interactive Whiteboard from

The classroom shared one interactive whiteboard that was located in the centre of the room.
There was space for students to sit in front of the whiteboard and the board could also be seen from either classroom.